Cleric is Dead (CiD) is a collaborative fantasy project with origins on Creepypasta Wiki Chat. Its goals are building a believable and interesting world in which multiple writers can contribute and expand. CiD values logic above all, and despite the magical world, relies on thinking "scientifically" for expanding this world in a realistic way.

CiD follows the events of Cleric's demise, hence the name. Several civil wars break loose as each faction battles for power, meanwhile everyone is pointing fingers. Powerful Fragments and Shards populate this world, and are respected or hated for their supernatural strength powered by Vis.

CiD involves two twin worlds that starkly contrast each other. Abyss, the magical 'shadow realm' is believed to be the origins of Vis and even Cleric himself. Exig is an earth-like world with realistic politics and factions.